Benefits of gaming to make you feel good

1st photo leftMost older people see gaming as a waste of time, but thankfully, science has our backs.

Numerous experiments show that gaming, in fact, contributes a lot more to our overall physical and mental health than we know.

If you have been gaming since you were a kid, you definitely benefit from the things we will soon talk about, and if you don’t, maybe it’s time you started.

So, without delay, here are just some of the benefits of gaming.

  1. Gamers become better surgeons

The study showed that surgeons who played games for at least three hours a week showed thirty-two percent better results than their colleagues who haven’t played at all.

This has a lot to do with working under pressure, and most competitive games will certainly make you feel pressured. If you get used to the feeling, keep a cool head and make the right decisions in a short amount of time, it’s much more likely that your hands won’t shake when it comes to tough operations.

  1. Games can help people overcome dyslexia

There have been cases where people overcame their dyslexia after heavy gaming sessions and the doctors justified it quite simply. The games offer a constantly changing environment which requires a lot of focus, and once your brain gets used to being focused on one thing, it can easily focus on another.

  1. Games can improve your vision

 Games cannot help improve your vision regarding not needing glasses anymore, but they can improve your vision in other areas. For example, gamers after a couple of weeks could identify more shades of gray. But even more important, there have been reports that gaming cured the ”lazy eye” problem. People who performed such experiments had a dark patch over their normal eye, and they played games just by looking through the lazy eye. In time the lazy eye became much better or even became normal.

  1. Games can help you get a career boost

Certain game genres can improve your leadership traits by asking you to provide for communities, help keep someone safe and so on. By playing games a lot, you become better and better at some aspects of the game, and later on, you apply some of those aspects in real life. Some games demand fast solutions to potential threats which help you think faster. Fast thinking in an office crisis can boost your career a lot.

  1. Players can become fascinated by history


Not all teachers are the inspiring kind. Most kids like or dislike a subject in school because of the way it is presented to them. If the teacher doesn’t show much interest in the subject or doesn’t try hard to convince children how awesome it is, they won’t try hard either. A lot of games have been developed on accurate historical facts, and if players find them interesting, it might prompt them to educate themselves further.

The same concept applies to young children too. Experiments showed that children who are using maps, books and other resources connected to the games they show a lot more interest in learning than they would’ve otherwise.

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