Choosing the right Gaming Machine

gaming-machine-little-img-1Games on consoles were always very different than games on PCs .Even with older models, there were distinctive differences that separated games. Mostly in the gameplay itself, because consoles require a gamepad while PC games can be played both on joystick and mouse and keyboard. To determine which method of playing is better, if that is even possible, we need to look at advantages and disadvantages of each style of playing. The biggest concern for PC gamers is how to get better gaming equipment while console gamers don’t have that problem.

PC Gaming.

Having a PC doesn’t mean that you will spend most of your time playing games on it. Browsing the internet is also a thing that you often do on your computer. Just imagine if you have to do this on the console, picking characters letter by letter on your controller moving the pointer with the analog stick. It makes things a lot more difficult while all you want to do is visit a certain website and log in. Browsing on the computer is incomparably different while all you have to do is type the name of a website that you want on your keyboard and press enter. Concerning playing games on PC, the biggest problem that you might have is updating graphic card driver. Once you get the game and install it, the game will, in most cases, install the needed driver including C++ files.



Console Gaming.

In order to play games on a Console all you need to do is insert the CD into the console and wait for the game to load. There is a waiting time for download or installation to finish, and you won’t have to worry if you installed the right driver. This is the biggest advantage of the console. On the other hand, consoles were primarily designed to play games on. It was only with recent innovations by Sony that we can listen to music, watch shows, and movies, and browse the internet. Games that you play on consoles are working on the same frame rate, and all you need to do is buy the console and buy a game. While on PC you need to spend money on upgrading your graphic card, processor or on buying more RAM memory in order to play a specific game. There are no system requirements for console games as the console already has what it takes to play the game in high system settings.

So if you want to play games and maybe watch a couple of movies you should get a console. However, if you want more control over your content and the possibility to change how a game works by modifying system setting get a PC. There is also a matter of game availability as many games that are available on a console aren’t on PC and vice versa. This is why many gamers have both PC and console. This way they won’t miss out any game title that comes out.

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