Setting up Your Gaming HQ Guide

small-image-usedIf you are a hardcore gamer or just like to enjoy a game or two, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what your gaming corner should look like. Whether you want to buy a new PC or improve and upgrade the old one, you need to take a look at what the hardware store has to offer now.

Graphics cards, processors, and motherboards, all those things are important if you want to have the best gaming experience. Beside these things, you will also want to have the best mouse that money can buy, so let’s look at some good choices that you can make when buying the new hardware for your PC.

Monitors and Visual.

The bigger, the better, right? When having a big enough monitor simply doesn’t cut it, you might want to go one step further and get more than one monitor. Playing games on multiple monitors can be hard to adapt to in the beginning but when you do you won’t want to go back to a single monitor ever again. Projectors are by far the ultimate experience when it comes to playing games.

There is nothing that can be compared to a good old FPS on a projector. You basically get the feeling that you are there, shooting that gun and beating the hell out of your opponents. Unfortunately, there is a downside, as the pixels are not clear enough no matter how high the resolution is. However, if you really want to invest money in your PC equipment, you can buy a pro-gaming projector like Optoma GT1080 and forget that you ever lived in actual reality.


Graphic Cards and Processors.

To get the most out of any game, you will need a good motherboard to support the monster of a graphic card that you intend to buy and a decent i7 processor at least. For that reason, I chose to mention the new abomination of a graphic card called NVIDIA Titan X Pascal. It is definitely the best graphic card on the market, and if you have the money, or a spare soul to sell, you definitely should buy it.

It has 3580 CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores, it also has 1417 MHz basic boost clock. This means that you can clock it to previously unimaginable heights.  It costs more than its predecessor, considerably more. In fact, it costs that much that you can add 200 dollars more and buy two NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphic cards.

Mouse and Keyboard.

A good mouse is what true gamers appreciate the most. At least that’s the case with pro-gamers that play betta versions and benchmark new games. When mentioning the best gaming mouse, Mionix Castor cannot be left out.

This is by far the best possible mouse that you will buy and after you’ve played on it nothing else will be able to compare to it. Next we have Razer DeathAder Chroma. Regarding a keyboard, you should consider any Logitech or HP wireless keyboard.

So after you’ve completed your purchases and bought everything there is to buy in a high-tech gaming hardware store, you can proudly return to your gaming lair and never see sunlight again.

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