Three Reasons Why Gaming Is Good For You

Ever since the appearance of first video games, gaming was kind of exciting and widespread activity, everyone wanted to try it, and when they did, they became addicts. Today, with all this advanced technology people can hardly leave their computers and gaming equipment for a couple of hours, some of them don’t even have real lives. However, we won’t talk about the negative influences of gaming, but just the opposite, studies have shown that playing video games has a lot more good effects than bad ones on your health, education and social skills.
1. Educational benefits

If you started playing video games at a really young age, you are in luck, experiments with children have shown that children who played video games were a quicker learner than those who didn’t.

When you’re playing a role, you are bound to make decisions and follow the storyline to see what comes next, in this effort you exercise your brain by learning math, spelling, reading, history if it’s that kind of game or even geography. In each case, each game has something to teach you.

2. Social Skills

Playing a video game sometimes isn’t an activity you can do on your own, it sometimes requires contact with other people mostly online contact. While you are playing let’s say CS: GO, you will need to get in touch with your teammates to make a strategy and agree on your moves. Your teammates can quickly become your friends in the real life. It makes you practice your social skills, understanding others, appreciating their efforts and time. In general, gaming teaches you how to behave towards other people. If you are having a hard time meeting people and socializing, gaming is the right way to do so.
3. Cognitive skills

We already mentioned gaming has multiple benefits on your psychological health and brain development, however, it also has a significant role in emotion regulation.

The trick is not to redirect it towards your teammates, but to release it through gameplay and physical activity.

Playing tactical strategy games allows you to practice your cognitive skills and improve them. When you’re thinking about your next move and how to beat your enemy, you are actually improving your leadership skills, as well as decision-making skills. All this can help you in real life if you learn how to apply it correctly. Making a decision fast in an intense situation won’t be your only skill, and you will become more independent and clever person than you were before playing video games. Also, it will allow you to remain calm even in the most stressful situations, which is crucial when it comes to advancement in your work and in general.

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